Top 10 Travel Boat Rental Service In United States

Top 10 Travel Boat Rental Service In the USA
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Planning a vacation across one of the many beautiful waterways in the United States? Renting a power boat, sailboat, pontoon, or luxury yacht allows you to fully experience destinations like the Florida Keys, Lake Tahoe, Cape Cod, Hawaiian Islands, and more from the comfort and freedom of the open water.

We compared over 10 popular Boat Rental Services companies across the USA based on factors like price, variety of boats, customer service, destinations served, and more to bring you the top services for your travel needs.

Top Nationwide Services

These large companies have rental locations across the U.S.:

1. Boatsetter

Peer-to-peer boat rentals with over 35,000 boats available. Rent speedboats, sailboats, pontoons, and more.

Boatsetter stands out as a premier peer-to-peer boat rental platform, boasting an extensive fleet of over 35,000 boats available for rent. This innovative service connects boat owners with individuals seeking a unique and personalized watercraft experience. Offering a diverse selection, Boatsetter caters to various preferences with options ranging from sleek speedboats and majestic sailboats to comfortable pontoons. The platform’s user-friendly interface facilitates seamless transactions, enabling renters to easily connect with boat owners and arrange the perfect water adventure. Boatsetter’s expansive network spans numerous locations, ensuring that enthusiasts can find the ideal vessel for their chosen destination. With a commitment to making boating accessible to all, Boatsetter provides a platform where both seasoned sailors and beginners can find the perfect vessel to enjoy the thrill of the open water. Whether it’s a tranquil day of cruising or an exhilarating ride on a speedboat, Boatsetter offers a comprehensive and convenient solution for those looking to embark on a memorable boating experience.

2. GetMyBoat

Marketplace to connect with local boat owners. Types include fishing boats, jet skis, houseboats, and kayaks for inland and coastal trips.

GetMyBoat stands as a dynamic and user-friendly marketplace, serving as the ideal platform for connecting enthusiasts with local boat owners. With a broad spectrum of watercraft available for rent, ranging from fishing boats and jet skis to houseboats and kayaks, GetMyBoat provides a diverse selection for both inland and coastal adventures. This innovative platform operates globally, offering users the opportunity to explore waterways in over 130 countries, making it the world’s largest boat rental and charter marketplace.

The simplicity of GetMyBoat’s online interface facilitates a seamless experience for users looking to rent watercraft. Boasting a vast array of options, renters can easily find the perfect vessel for their desired activity and location. Whether it’s a serene day of fishing on a tranquil lake, the thrill of jet skiing along the coast, or a relaxing houseboat excursion, GetMyBoat ensures that there is a watercraft suited for every preference.

The platform also stands out for its inclusivity, allowing boat owners of various types of watercraft to list their vessels for rental. This diversity benefits renters by providing a wide array of choices to suit different preferences and budgets. GetMyBoat’s emphasis on local connections ensures that users can discover hidden gems and unique water experiences that may not be available through traditional rental services.

By fostering a sense of community among boat owners and renters, GetMyBoat facilitates memorable water adventures, creating a space where individuals can easily and securely connect to share the joy of being out on the water. Whether it’s a solo excursion or a group outing, GetMyBoat opens up a world of possibilities for those seeking unforgettable aquatic experiences.

3. Boatbound

Variety of motorboats, sailboats, fishing boats, and specialty craft like jet packs. Founder appeared on Shark Tank.

Boatbound, a notable player in the boat rental industry, offers a diverse selection of watercraft, ranging from motorboats and sailboats to fishing boats and even unique specialty crafts like jet packs. This platform provides a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking various types of boating experiences, making it accessible to a broad audience with diverse preferences.

One distinctive feature that sets Boatbound apart is its association with the popular television show “Shark Tank.” The founder of Boatbound appeared on the show, which undoubtedly added a layer of credibility and visibility to the platform. This exposure likely contributed to the platform’s growth and success within the competitive boat rental market.

Boatbound’s commitment to variety ensures that users can find the perfect vessel for their specific needs and desires. Whether it’s the thrill of speeding through the water on a motorboat, the tranquility of sailing, the excitement of fishing, or the unique experience of trying out specialty crafts like jet packs, Boatbound caters to a wide range of aquatic interests.

The platform operates as a peer-to-peer marketplace, connecting boat owners with individuals seeking temporary boat rentals. This approach fosters a sense of community within the boating world, allowing boat owners to share their passion for the water with those looking for memorable and unique experiences.

Overall, Boatbound’s blend of variety, innovation, and the endorsement from a widely watched television program positions it as a noteworthy option for anyone looking to embark on diverse and exciting boating adventures.

4. Click&Boat

Multilingual platform for listing and renting boats internationally. Large U.S. inventory.

Boat Rental Service

Click&Boat, a prominent player in the boat rental industry, distinguishes itself as a multilingual platform designed for listing and renting boats on an international scale. One of its notable features is its ability to cater to users from different linguistic backgrounds, enhancing accessibility and usability for a diverse global audience.

The platform’s international reach is complemented by a large inventory of boats available for rent in the United States. This extensive selection ensures that users can find the perfect watercraft to suit their preferences and requirements, whether it’s for a leisurely cruise, a fishing expedition, or an adventurous sailing trip.

Click&Boat operates as a peer-to-peer marketplace, connecting boat owners with individuals seeking temporary boat rentals. This model fosters a community-driven approach, allowing boat owners to share their passion for boating with a wider audience. By offering a user-friendly and multilingual interface, Click&Boat facilitates seamless transactions and communication between boat owners and renters across borders.

Whether you are a boat owner looking to list your vessel for rental or an individual searching for an international boating experience, Click&Boat provides a platform that transcends language barriers. The emphasis on a large U.S. inventory further solidifies its standing as a go-to option for those seeking diverse and accessible boat rental options on a global scale.

5. Boatshed

Database of over 118,000 boats. Allows private owners to list for rent worldwide.

Boatshed, a notable presence in the maritime industry, operates as a comprehensive platform offering a vast database of over 118,000 boats. What sets Boatshed apart is its unique approach, allowing private boat owners to list their vessels for rent on a global scale. This feature not only contributes to the platform’s extensive boat inventory but also fosters a community-driven ethos, enabling private owners to share their passion for boating with a broader audience.

The platform’s extensive database ensures that prospective renters have a wide array of choices, catering to various preferences, activities, and locations. Whether it’s a sailboat for a serene coastal adventure or a motorboat for a thrilling ride on inland waters, Boatshed provides a diverse range of options to suit different tastes and requirements.

Boatshed’s global reach makes it an attractive option for both boat owners and renters, facilitating connections between enthusiasts worldwide. The platform’s emphasis on inclusivity allows private owners to actively participate in the boat rental marketplace, expanding the range of available vessels and creating opportunities for unique and personalized boating experiences.

By providing a user-friendly interface and a platform that transcends geographical boundaries, Boatshed stands out as a valuable resource for those seeking to rent boats or share their own vessels with like-minded individuals. The combination of a vast boat database and the inclusion of private listings enhances Boatshed’s position as a comprehensive and community-oriented solution in the boat rental industry.

What to Consider When Renting

Keep the following in mind as you browse boat rentals:

Boating Experience – Rental companies vary on requiring boating licenses or experience. Inquire about orientation and onboarding.

Costs – Rental fees, fuel or power charges, cleaning fees, security deposits, etc. Budget accordingly.

Size & Capacity – Ensure the boat has enough seats and power for passengers and gear.

Features – Fishing rods, waterskis, wakeboards, etc. Recreational accessories make trips more fun.

Insurance Policies – Some companies offer damage protection plans. Review waivers carefully.

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Popular Boating Destinations

Once you secure a rental, you’ll need an amazing destination! Here are top waterways and lakes around the United States for memorable boating vacations:

1. East Coast – Long Island Sound (NY), Chesapeake & Delaware Bays (DE,VA,MD), Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway
2. Gulf Coast – Florida Keys, Tampa Bay & Emerald Coast (FL), Lake Pontchartrain (LA)
3. West Coast – Puget Sound (WA), Lake Havasu (AZ), San Francisco Bay (CA)
4. Midwest – Great Lakes (MI, IL), Lake of the Ozarks (MO), Kentucky Lake (KY)
5. National Parks – Lake Powell (AZ), Lake Mead and Lake Tahoe (NV), Glacier Bay (AK)

Wherever you boat, practicing safety makes trips more enjoyable. Common tips include:

  • Requiring preapproved life jackets for all passengers
  • Checking weather forecasts before departing
  • Following designated boating lanes and speed limits
  • Avoiding alcohol consumption while operating boats

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Comparison of the Best Boat Rental Services Companies

Rental CompanyDestinations ServedTypes of BoatsPrice RangeKey Highlights
Boatsetter500+ locations in US and CanadaMotor yachts, cruisers, fishing boats, more$$-$$$$$Over 15,000 boats available; great for one-way rentals
Sailo500+ locations worldwideSailboats, catamarans, motor yachts$$-$$$$$$Focus on sailboat rentals; wide availability for Caribbean charters
CruzinOver 775 locations worldwidePowerboats, pontoons, personal watercraft, sailboats$-$$$Specialize in small powerboat rentals for inland lakes and coastal areas
GetMyBoatOver 130 countries worldwideMotorized boats, sailboats, catamarans, yachts, jet skis$ – $$$$World’s largest boat rental and charter marketplace
Nautal280+ locationsCruisers, motor yachts, sport fishing boats$$-$$$Specializes in local in-shore rentals; easy online booking
Fraser Yachts150+ destinationsCatamarans, cruisers, sailboats, motor yachts$$$$-$$$$$$Luxury and mega yacht charters; great crewed options
Forever ResortsLake Powell, AZ/UTPontoons, fishing boats, ski boats, personal watercraft$$-$$$Largest outfitter on Lake Powell; houseboat rentals also available
Great Lakes Sailing CoFalls River, WIDaysailors, cruisers, performance racing yachts$-$$Specialize in inland lakes sailing charters and lessons
Sail CaribeSt. Thomas, USVICatamarans, monohulls, power yachts$$$$-$$$$$$Crewed and bareboat options in Caribbean
San Juan SailingSan Juan Islands, WASailboats$-$$$Largest charter company in Pacific Northwest for dinghy and keelboat sailing

The table above compares some of the best nationwide and regional boat rental companies across the United States to consider for your next vacation. Key factors like the types of boats available, price ranges, destinations served, and top highlights differentiate the long list of providers available.

The right boat rental service largely depends on your specific location and travel plans. For instance, Cruzin specializes in small powerboat rentals for inland lakes and coastal recreation, while Fraser Yachts offers luxury crewed charters at destinations across the globe.

Most rental marketplaces like Boatsetter, Sailo, and GetMyBoat offer listings from owner-operators across hundreds of locations worldwide, alongside more standardized fleet options from professional companies. Meanwhile, niche providers like Forever Resorts focus exclusively on rentals for popular boating destinations like Lake Powell.

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Carefully compare the coverage areas, categories of rentals offered, pricing options, and additional features across providers that service your chosen destination. Look beyond just cost to consider factors like customer service, required skills and licenses, available add-ons and gear, and more when selecting your rental.

Answers to Key Boat Rental Questions

1. How much does it cost to rent various types of power boats or sailboats?

Daily boat rental rates can range widely from $100 to $10,000+ depending on the boat type, size, age, capabilities, and location. On the lower end, small fishing boats, pontoons, or dinghies typically range from $100 to $500 per day. Expect to spend $500 to $2,500+ for newer mid-sized open powerboats, bowriders, and cruisers. Larger charter yachts over 30 feet with multiple cabins and several ensuite heads can easily exceed $3,000+ per day.

Luxury mega yachts over 80+ feet with premium furnishings, amenities, stability equipment, and skilled crew often charter for $10,000 to $50,000+ per day. These rates do not include additions like fuel surcharges, damage waivers, or other incidental fees.

Sailboats like catamarans, sloops and cutters are comparable or slightly higher than powerboats. Small 20 to 25-foot daysailers go for $200 to $800 daily, with most 35 to 45-foot cruising sailboats ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 per day dependent greatly on age, equipment and upgrades.

2. What licenses or certifications do I need to operate a rental boat?

Requirements to legally operate a recreational boat rental differ across states. Most states require boaters under a certain age to pass an approved boater education course. For power vessels, requirements often differ based on factors like age, horsepower rating, and electric vs prop power. For instance, Ohio requires operator licenses starting at age 12 for boats over 10 hp.

Meanwhile, American Sailing Association (ASA) certifications like Basic Keelboat help demonstrate sailing proficiency levels to charter companies. Bareboat sailing charters abroad often demand advanced ASA certs or International Proficiency Certificates.

Always disclose your boating experience level honestly with charter companies ahead of booking. Crewed charter options with licensed captains are available for those lacking sailing experience or required licenses.

3. Can I take a rental boat out overnight or travel between destinations?

Boat rental policies, geographic restrictions, and return requirements vary greatly across individual providers and destinations. Leading power boat rental marketplaces like Boatsetter, GetMyBoat and Sailo specialize in facilitating one-way and multiple day journeys subject to owner policies. Certain areas like the Bahamas or Greece allow taking vessels between neighboring islands or countries after customs clearance.

For single-day inland rentals, asking the provider ahead if overnight trips are permitted is advised. Factors like required staffing, insurance limitations, refueling needs, and weather risks all impact policies on keeping boats out past day-use windows.

4. How far in advance should I book peak season rentals?

Aim to book at least 2-3 months out for prime summer weekends or holidays in popular boating locales. Limited local fleets see incredibly high demand and low availability during seasonal peaks. Marquee destinations like The Keys, inland lakes or Northwest rivers draw visitors from around the country, filling up schedules well in advance.

More niche secondary markets may offer greater last minute flexibility, but often field fewer inventory options. Signing up for newsletters and early booking with full payment secures preferred vessels and better cancellation terms. Off-peak there is generally more choice, but factor in less ideal weather, attractions and conditions.

5. What additional costs or fees should I budget for with rentals?

The base boat rental rate excludes key additions like:

  • Taxes: Often not included in published rates and can add 10% or more
  • Fuel Surcharges: Typically not included and often charged per hour operated
  • Security Deposits: Held as damage coverage and returned if no issues occur; often 50% or more of rental total
  • Cleaning/Pump Out Fees: Added charges for tidying boats post-rental at operator discretion
  • Add-Ons: Fishing/watersports gear,WiFi, premium linens, catering and more
  • Insurance: Optional damage and liability waiver policies added for visitor protection
  • Gratuities: Suggested for exemplary crewed charter service

Carefully factoring taxes, mileage-based usage fees and deposits into cost estimates prevents sticker shock. Purchasing additional coverage plans helps limit liability for mistakes, unexpected issues or accidents.

6. Are pets or children allowed on rental boats?

Pet and child allowance policies for boat rentals differ greatly across providers. More private owner listings on third-party platforms like GetMyBoat or Boatsetter may outline custom restrictions or surcharges. Larger charter companies detail standardized regulations for factors like minimum passenger ages, capacity limits, safety compliance rules and designated spaces for pets.

Providing accurate headcounts including children under 12 and specifying pet types/sizes at booking helps operators assign optimal vessels. Rental contracts outline prohibitions around unattended kids or pets ashore for safety. Review pet waste handling plans and restraint protocols to avoid environmental fines or damage claims.

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7. What forms of payment do rental companies accept?

The majority of boat rental operators accept Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit cards for deposits and final payment. Debit cards, select mobile wallets or traveler’s checks bridge acceptable payment alternatives. Some foreign companies designate preferences for wire transfers or local currency payments.

Cash or check options remain rare due to processing costs, security and reconciliation challenges. Ensure sufficient credit limits for placing deposits and coverage holds that often represent 50% or more of rental totals. Even if splitting across multiple cards, clarify accepted brands and terms upfront to avoid issues or forfeitures.

8. What recourse do I have for disputes with rental companies?

Follow written dispute resolution and claims procedures outlined in your rental contract should issues emerge. Immediately alert staff at check-in or checkout to help record damages or disagreements in real-time across dated invoices. Submitting photo evidence supports claims against loss damage waivers or demanded reimbursements.

In severe conflicts unable to reconcile directly with providers, contacting advocacy resources like the Better Business Bureau (BBB), state consumer affairs bureaus or your card issuer could help resolve matters. Keep communications clear and factual when asserting grievances, citing relevant rental policies or codes violated. Professional corporate providers generally offer stronger accountability than small proprietors in addressing concerns. Seeking legal counsel remains a final yet costly resort if unsatisfied with mediated outcomes.

We hope this overview gives you a better understanding of what to consider when renting boats across popular American destinations. Comparing rental costs, trip options, boating requirements, company features and more helps match the ideal providers to your unique travel plans.

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