Top 10 Maritime Universities Scholarships in Europe

Top 10 Maritime Universities Scholarships in Europe
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Choosing the right maritime university is an important decision that can impact your future career opportunities and earnings potential. With tuition fees rising globally, scholarships have become essential to fund higher education.

This article provides a comprehensive guide to the top 10 maritime universities Scholarships in Europe that offer scholarships to international students in 2024. We compare the rankings, locations, maritime programs offered, maritime scholarship options, eligibility criteria, application process, career prospects and more across these leading universities.

How We Ranked the Top 10 Maritime Universities in Europe for Scholarships

We analyzed over 50 of the best maritime academies and universities in Europe on the following key factors to create our rankings:

  • Global and regional rankings – Universities with high global and European rankings score better.
  • Maritime program quality – We evaluated the depth and breadth of maritime bachelor’s and master’s degrees offered.
  • Scholarship availability – Universities that offer more scholarship types and higher scholarship amounts for maritime programs rank higher.
  • Career support – Universities with dedicated career guidance and recruiting services score better.
  • Student diversity – We give preference to maritime universities that attract students from across the world.
  • Cost of attendance – This includes tuition fees as well as overall costs of living and accommodation. Lower costs score better.

Based on the above methodology, we present the top 10 maritime universities in Europe for students looking for scholarships in 2024:

Comparison of the Top 10 Maritime Universities Scholarships in Europe

UniversityGlobal RankingLocationKey Maritime ProgramsAnnual Tuition (EUR)Scholarships Offered
World Maritime UniversityTop 10 globallyMalmö, SwedenMSc in Maritime Affairs, MSc in Maritime Law & Policy, 7 other master’s€16,500Full scholarships, partial scholarships
Ecole Nationale Supérieure MaritimeTop 25 globallyNantes, FranceDeck Officer program, Marine Engineering program, 6 other bachelor’s€680 (EU), €3,600 (non-EU)Campus France grants, ENSM scholarships
Southampton Solent University301-350 globallySouthampton, EnglandBSc Honours Maritime Transport, MSc Maritime Logistics Management£9,250Southampton Solent University scholarships
Satakunta University of Applied Sciences601-650 globallyRauma, FinlandBEng Marine Technology, BEng Marine Engineering€10,800Satakunta University scholarships, government scholarships
TU Delft52 globallyDelft, NetherlandsMSc Maritime Engineering, Offshore & Dredging Engineering€18,750 (EU), €31,000 (non-EU)TU Delft Excellence Scholarship, Holland Scholarship
University of LiegeTop 300 in EuropeLiege, BelgiumMaster of Science in Nautical Sciences€835Belgian government scholarships
Chalmers University of Technology42 globallyGothenburg, SwedenMSc Naval Architecture & Ocean EngineeringSEK 145,000 (US$14,700)Chalmers Excellence Scholarship
University of Strathclyde301-350 globallyGlasgow, ScotlandMScs in Naval Architecture, Ocean & Marine Engineering, more£17,600Strathclyde Excellence Scholarships
Norwegian University of Science & Technology329 globallyTrondheim, NorwayMSc in Marine TechnologyNOK 83,200 (US$8,500)NTNU MSc scholarships
National University of Ireland GalwayTop 250 in EuropeGalway, IrelandBE in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering€9,250College of Engineering Scholarships

Next, we provide detailed profiles of each of the top 10 maritime academies and universities in Europe offering scholarships for international students in 2024.

1. World Maritime University

Global Ranking – Among top 10 maritime universities globally

Location – Malmö, Sweden

The World Maritime University (WMU) was established in 1983 by the International Maritime Organization as a center of excellence in maritime education, research, and capacity building. It offers several highly-ranked master’s degree programs focused on key issues in global shipping and oceans governance.

Some scholarships offered at WMU include:

  • Full scholarships – Cover tuition and living expenses, offered by host governments, international organizations, NGOs and shipping companies.
  • Partial scholarships – Cover 25% to 50% of tuition fees.

Other key facts:

  • 17 maritime-focused postgraduate programs including specialist MSCs in Maritime Law & Policy, Maritime Energy Management, Maritime Safety & Environmental Administration and more.
  • Global student body representing over 50+ nationalities.
  • Graduates work worldwide in senior maritime roles with shipping companies, regulatory agencies, international organizations and consultancies.

Apply for Admission & Scholarships at World Maritime University

2. Ecole Nationale Supérieure Maritime (ENSM)

Global Ranking – Among top 25 maritime academies globally

Location – Nantes, France

The Ecole Nationale Supérieure Maritime (ENSM) is considered one of the best places in Europe to train as a Merchant Navy Officer. It offers highly-regarded bachelor’s degrees, advanced diplomas and certificate programs focused on maritime transport, shipping management, marine engineering and naval architecture.

Some scholarships offered at ENSM include:

  • Campus France grants – For students from emerging countries to study in France. Covers tuition fees, accommodation and other expenses.
  • ENSM scholarships – Offered based on academic merit, social criteria and more. Covers 25% to 50% of annual tuition.

Other key facts:

  • One of France’s oldest and most prestigious maritime institutes, established in 1942.
  • Cutting-edge simulation equipment for navigation, engine control, GMDSS communications, cargo handling and electrical labs.
  • Successful job placements through ENSM’s dedicated career guidance and recruiting unit.

Apply for Admission & Scholarships at ENSM

3. Southampton Solent University

Global Ranking – Between #301-350 universities globally

Location – Southampton, England

Southampton Solent University is among the top 350 universities worldwide with long-established pedigree in marine and maritime education going back over 65 years. It offers some of the best undergraduate and postgraduate programs focused on key aspects of maritime practice and operations.

Some scholarships offered at Solent University include:

  • Southampton Solent University scholarships – Awarded based on academic achievement, artistic talents, leadership qualities and more. Covers 25% to 100% of the tuition fees.

Other key facts:

  • Choice of on-campus or placement years during maritime degree programs.
  • State-of-the-art simulation equipment for navigation and marine engineering training.
  • Strong industry partnerships facilitating student internships and jobs with leading maritime companies.

Apply for Admission & Scholarships at Southampton Solent University

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4. Satakunta University of Applied Sciences

Global Ranking – Between #601-650 universities globally

Location – Rauma, Finland

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) in Finland offers some of Europe’s best naval architecture and marine engineering programs accredited by the European Accreditation System for Engineering Education (EUR-ACE). It has strong scholarship options in partnership with the Finnish government and regional funding bodies.

Some scholarships offered at SAMK include:

  • SAMK Scholarships – Covers 25% to 50% tuition fees based on academic scores. Additional funding available through student financial aid.
  • Government scholarships – Finnish Student Financial Aid System provides low-interest student loans and grants covering up to €700 per month.

Other key facts:

  • One of Finland’s largest universities of applied sciences with over 7,500 students.
  • Cutting-edge facilities including marine simulators, cavitation tunnel, engine laboratories and autonomous ship test environments.
  • Strong links with over 500 maritime technology and engineering partner companies worldwide for internships.

Apply for Admission & Scholarships at SAMK

5. TU Delft

Global Ranking – #52 globally

Location – Delft, Netherlands

TU Delft in the Netherlands hosts one of the best and largest maritime engineering programs globally. Its master’s degrees in fields like offshore engineering, dredging, naval architecture and marine engineering are highly regarded worldwide.

Some scholarships offered at TU Delft include:

  • TU Delft Excellence Scholarship – Prestigious award for exceptionally talented international students covering full tuition fees and living expenses.
  • Holland Scholarship – Funding offered to international students from outside the EEA countries. Covers €5,000 of the first year’s tuition fees.

Other key facts:

  • Choice of 19 English-taught MSc programs focused on maritime engineering, infrastructure and environmental applications.
  • State-of-the-art facilities including Delft’s Hydraulics Laboratory and Towing Tank.
  • Over 28% international students enrolled from 130 different countries.

Apply for Admission & Scholarships at TU Delft

6. University of Liege

Global Ranking – Among top 300 universities in Europe

Location – Liege, Belgium

The University of Liege in Belgium is one of the best places in Europe to pursue maritime navigation studies leading to a career aboard commercial vessels or mega yachts. It offers advanced Master’s of Science degree focused on key aspects of maritime navigation and operations onboard ships.

Some scholarships offered at the University of Liege include:

  • Belgian government scholarships – Awarded to international students from developing countries on basis of merit and academic excellence. Covers full or partial tuition fees and living costs.

Other key facts:

  • Specialized MSc program in Nautical Sciences accredited per International Maritime Organization (IMO)’s STCW standards.
  • Curriculum aligns with professional requirements to become certified Master Mariner and Chief Mate roles aboard ships.
  • Option of spending second year and thesis project at partner institutes across Europe including Spain, Italy and Malta.

Apply for Admission & Scholarships at University of Liege

7. Chalmers University of Technology

Global Ranking – #42 globally

Location – Gothenburg, Sweden

Based in Sweden, Chalmers University of Technology hosts two highly-ranked master’s degree programs focused on different aspects of maritime design and engineering – Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering and Maritime Engineering. Graduates are highly sought after worldwide across commercial and governmental sectors.

Some scholarships offered at Chalmers include:

  • Chalmers Excellence Scholarship – Covers full tuition fees and offers a monthly stipend of 14,700 SEK (approx. US$1,600) to cover living costs.

Other key facts:

  • Over 300 graduate students enrolled in naval architecture and ocean engineering programs.
  • Cutting edge research in maritime autonomous vessels, ship energy efficiency, marine composites and high-performance yacht engineering.
  • Strong industry links facilitating internships and jobs with leading maritime and offshore companies worldwide.

Apply for Admission & Scholarships at Chalmers University of Technology

8. University of Strathclyde

Global Ranking – Between #301-350

Location – Glasgow, Scotland

As one of Scotland’s leading technological universities, the University of Strathclyde offers world-recognized postgraduate programs related to naval architecture, maritime engineering and transport logistics. These provide pathways to careers across commercial shipping lines, shipyards, offshore energy and ports & harbors sectors.

Some scholarships offered at Strathclyde include:

  • Strathclyde Excellence Scholarships – Awarded up to £5,000 based on academic merit and individual circumstances.

Other key facts:

  • Choice of full-time campus-based and flexible learning modes available.
  • Close links with leading maritime companies in the UK and Europe for student internships and graduate job opportunities.
  • State-of-the-art facilities including marine and ship simulation labs.

Apply for Admission & Scholarships at University of Strathclyde

9. Norwegian University of Science & Technology (NTNU)

Global Ranking – #329 globally

Location – Trondheim, Norway

The Norwegian University of Science & Technology is one of Norway’s pioneering universities leading research and education in technological and natural sciences including maritime disciplines. It offers an advanced English-taught MSc program focused on Marine Technology catering to the vast maritime industry interests based in Norway.

Some scholarships offered at NTNU include:

  • MSc scholarships – Awarded based on GPA scores to cover partial tuition fees

Other key facts:

  • Specialized MSc program focused on floating structures, marine hydrodynamics, ship design and offshore renewable structures.
  • Close links with MARINTEK marine research institute and major maritime companies equipping students with technical knowledge and skills.
  • Alumni occupy senior technical and leadership positions across commercial ship operators and offshore companies worldwide.

Apply for Admission & Scholarships at NTNU

10. National University of Ireland Galway

Global Ranking – Among top 250 universities in Europe

Location – Galway, Ireland

The National University of Ireland Galway hosts one of Ireland’s most reputed engineering programs with dedicated Bachelor of Engineering degree focused on Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering accredited by Engineers Ireland. Graduates enjoy 100% employment rates within six months.

Some scholarships offered at NUIG include:

  • College of Engineering Scholarships – Up to 75% tuition fee awards for first-year undergraduate students based on academic merit.

Other key facts:

  • Strong links with Irish maritime industry enabling student internships and graduate jobs. Partners include marine design consultancies, ship construction firms and statutory bodies.
  • Programme structure aligns with educational requirements for Chartered Engineer status.
  • Access to well-equipped laboratories focused on fluid mechanics, structures, thermodynamics and marine systems.

Apply for Admission & Scholarships at National University of Ireland Galway

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How to Apply for Maritime Scholarships in Europe

If you are looking for maritime scholarships in Europe, here are a few key steps in the application process:

1. Research Scholarship Options at Target Universities

Carefully go through the scholarship categories, eligibility criteria, required application documents and selection process at your chosen universities. Prepare everything well in advance of scholarship deadlines.

2. Learn the Language Requirements

Some European universities mandate certain level of fluency in their local language. Other universities accept globally recognized English proficiency tests like TOEFL or IELTS.

3. Prepare Necessary Documents

Typical documents include transcripts, letters of recommendation, essays, language test scores, relevant certificates and a compelling statement of purpose outlining your goals.

4. Submit Online Scholarship Application

Carefully enter the information asked in the application forms and upload relevant documents before the stated deadlines.

5. Apply for Visa After Award

If awarded a scholarship, apply for the relevant student visa for your stay duration from your country’s consulate. Schedule and prepare for your travel, campus accommodation etc.

Through adequate preparation and diligently tracking application windows at target universities, you can win generous scholarships making quality maritime education across Europe very accessible and affordable.

FAQs on Maritime Scholarships in Europe

Which European countries have the best maritime scholarships?

Some of the best maritime scholarship nations in Europe include France, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, England and Belgium. Most offer scholarships through government funding, university grants and private companies.

What are my best chances of getting maritime scholarships in Europe?

Focus on academic excellence, relevant extracurriculars, research potential, clear goals and financial need. Female students have extra edge due to diversity considerations. Enrolling direct at university websites instead of third party portals also helps.

Which exam do I need for maritime scholarships in Europe?

IELTS or TOEFL scores are accepted for most English-taught maritime programs across Europe. PTE, GRE or GMAT may be required for some master’s scholarships. Check university websites for latest exam requirements.

Can I work part-time with Europe maritime scholarships?

Yes, most student visas in Europe allow you to work for limited hours while studying full-time. However your scholarship contract may bar additional income in some cases.

How much money do I need per year with a maritime scholarship in Europe?

This can range between €10,000 to €15,000 per year after tuition fees depending on country and lifestyle. Apply for on-campus accommodation and use student discounts to lower costs. Scholarships often also cover partial living expenses.

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