How to Choose the Best Cruise Travel Insurance Plan for Overseas Holiday

Best Cruise Travel Insurance Plan
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Going on a cruise for your next overseas vacation? While cruises can be an incredible and relaxing way to see new destinations, you’ll want to make sure you’re protected in case anything goes wrong before or during your trip. Purchasing cruise travel insurance can provide coverage for trip cancellations, delays, medical emergencies, evacuations, lost baggage and other issues.

With so many options though, how do you choose the right Best Cruise Travel Insurance Plan your needs and budget? We compared the top 7 cruise travel medical insurance plans below across key coverage, features, benefits, exclusions and premiums. Read on to find the best cruise trip protection for peace of mind on your international holiday.

Cruise Travel Insurance Comparison Tables

Overview of Top 7 Cruise Trip Medical Insurance Plans

Insurance CompanyKey BenefitsCoveragePrice
TravelexPre-existing medical condition waiver available. Good for multi-trip plans.Up to $100,000 trip cost per person. Trip cancellation/interruption/delay. Medical expenses. Emergency medical transport.Starts ~$80
World NomadsFlexibility to customize coverage. Covers adventure activities.Up to $100,000. Trip cancellation/interruption. Medical expenses. Evacuation.Starts ~$20/day
Berkshire HathawayStrong financial backing. Multi-lingual 24/7 travel assistance.Up to $100,000. Trip cancellation/interruption. Medical expenses. Emergency medical evacuation.Starts ~$35
Allianz Travel InsuranceUpgrade options for higher coverage. Mobile app to access docs.Up to $100,000 trip cost per person. Trip cancellation/interruption. Medical expenses. Emergency medical and dental.Starts ~$100
AIG Travel GuardGood for pre-existing medical conditions. Allows cruise miles redemptions for claims.Up to $100,000. Trip cancellation/interruption/delay. Medical expenses. Emergency medical evacuation.Starts ~$115
TravelInsurance.comComparison tool for personalized quotes. Covers shore excursions.Up to $100,000. Trip cancellation/interruption. Medical expenses. Emergency evacuation. 24/7 travel assistance.Starts ~$115
IMG GlobalTripCoverage includes adventure sports and activities. Guaranteed renewability.$100,000. Trip cancellation. Accident & sickness medical. Medical evacuation and repatriation.Starts ~$105

Comparison of Core Cruise Medical Insurance Benefits & Coverage

BenefitTravelexWorld NomadsBerkshireAllianzAIG Travel GuardTravelInsurance.comIMG GlobalTrip
Trip CancellationUp to total trip costUp to total trip costUp to total trip costUp to total trip costUp to total trip costUp to total trip costUp to $100,000
Trip InterruptionUp to 150% trip costUp to 150% trip costUp to 150% trip costUp to 150% trip costUp to 150% trip costUp to 150% trip costN/A
Travel Medical Expenses$50,000$50,000$50,000$50,000$50,000$50,000$100,000
Medical Evacuation$250,000$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000$500,000
Baggage Loss/Damage$1,500$3,000$1,500$2,500$2,500$2,500N/A
24/7 Travel AssistanceYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Missed Port$500N/A$500$500$500$500N/A

As you can see in the comparisons above, while the core medical benefits are similar across top providers, there can be some key differences in areas like medical evacuation limits, missed port coverage and extra benefits. We cover more details below on how to choose the right cruise protection plan for your particular situation and budget.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Cruise Insurance

The best cruise travel insurance plan for you depends on your specific trip details, health history and concerns. Here are some key considerations as you evaluate plans:

Trip Cost – Most policies cover trips up to $100,000 in expenses per person, which should suffice for even pricier cruises. Pay attention to any limits on trip cancellation or interruption coverage.

Destination & Length – Where your cruise is traveling matters since not all areas are covered equally. Duration of the trip also plays a role. Ensure your cruise duration and destinations are covered.

Pre-Existing Conditions – Some policies specifically exclude pre-existing medical conditions from coverage while others provide waivers. This is crucial if you have existing health issues.

Age Limits – While uncommon, some insurers enforce age cut-offs like 70+ years which would influence eligibility. There are also often tiers for kids vs adults.

Adventure Activities – If planning adventure shore excursions like snorkeling, ziplining or hiking, opt for a more adventure-friendly cruise travel policy.

Past Claims – Insurers may exclude coverage if you’ve filed a claim with another provider in recent years for the same or similar incident. Read the fine print.

When picking cruise medical insurance, prioritize features that offer the coverage you really need for issues specific to cruises like medically-necessary evacuations from the ship, travel delays causing you to miss ports and lost baggage that may contain critical medications.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the differences in major cruise trip protection providers.

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Detailed Overview of Best Cruise Travel Insurance Plan

World Nomads Cruise Travel Insurance

Best For – Adventurous travelers and frequent cruisers.

World Nomads stands out for its flexibility and options for custom coverage. Their cruise travel insurance plans allow you to pick and choose coverage like medical expenses, evacuation, trip cancellation, baggage loss and more. Simply get online quotes based on your trip details.

They are also one of the few providers who don’t exclude typical adventure activities you may take part in during cruise shore excursions. So policyholders can remain covered for incidents while snorkeling, hiking and more.

Round-the-clock travel assistance in case of emergencies is included. World Nomads provides coverage for travelers up to 88 years of age. One unique restriction requires purchase at least 7 days before your initial trip departure date.

Key Advantages

  • Build your own custom coverage package
  • Covers adventure sports and activities
  • Strong reputation for claims service

Potential Limitations

  • Must purchase 7+ days pre-travel
  • $50,000 medical expenses limit

Travelex Cruise Vacation Insurance

Best For – Cruise loyalty members with vouchers/miles and travelers with pre-existing conditions.

As an industry leader, Travelex offers both scheduled benefit and cancel for any reason plans covering individuals and groups going on cruises. They provide a nice pre-existing medical condition waiver if purchased within set time periods.

Best Cruise Travel Insurance Plan

One advantage is that Trip Cancellation coverage allows redeeming cruise vouchers, miles or rewards to cover cancellation costs if an insured reason prevents traveling. So you can recoup the value of your cruise loyalty investments if something interferes with scheduled sail dates.

They offer good multi-trip plan options and nice upgrades like being able to insure children under 18 for free when buying a policy for an adult.

Key Advantages

  • Pre-existing condition waiver available
  • Allows redeeming rewards/miles/vouchers for cancellation claims
  • Free coverage for kids under 18

Potential Limitations

  • Must purchase CFAR upgrade separately
  • Lower default limits for medical evacuation and baggage

Berkshire Hathaway Cruise & Travel Insurance

Best For – Strong financial backing and highest liability coverage.

Backed by one of the biggest insurance conglomerates globally, Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection brings over 25 years of experience and excellent financial strength ratings to their cruise medical plans.

Their core policies check all the major boxes with trip cancellation, interruption, delay coverage plus decent medical limits. Berkshire also offers one of the highest medical evacuation coverage amounts ($1 million) for crises at sea.

For those who prioritize stellar backing and liability coverage, Berkshire is likely the most reputable and reliable cruise trip insurance available. Their 24/7 worldwide travel assistance service provides support in many languages.

Key Advantages

  • Strong balance sheet and ratings
  • Up to $1 million medical evacuation
  • Multi-lingual travel assistance

Potential Limitations

  • Details not as customizable
  • $1,500 baggage loss maximum

Allianz Cruise Insurance Plans

Best For – Upgrading coverage levels and mobile convenience.

As another large global insurer, Allianz Travel Insurance offers both core packages and opportunities to upgrade key coverages. Areas where higher ceilings are available upon request include medical limits, evacuation maximums, missed port days and more.

Their cruise policies also come with a handy mobile app where you can access paperwork and important travel protection docs digitally from your phone or tablet while on the go.

Allianz provides cruise medical coverage to travelers of all ages. One key benefit is being able to buy just the trip cancellation portion separately if that’s your sole concern.

Key Advantages

  • Upgrade certain coverages easily
  • Mobile app access on trips
  • Standalone trip cancellation available

Potential Limitations

  • More limited for exotic pre-existing conditions
  • Requires purchase within 21 days of deposit

AIG Travel Guard Cruise Insurance

Best For – Cruisers with pre-existing medical conditions.

With AIG Travel Guard, cruisers get plans specifically designed for ocean and river trips with coverage enhancing what’s included from the cruise line. They offer tiers based on trip costs like basic, standard and deluxe.

One useful benefit allows applying unused cruise miles, vouchers or credits towards your Travel Cancellation coverage if you aren’t able to take your cruise. For pre-existing medical issues, their Silver plan specifically covers these conditions as long as you purchase within set deadlines.

Their plans also offer good travel delay protection if exit/entry ports are affected by weather delays for example. Up to $200 a day is covered for extra costs.

Key Advantages

  • Allows redeeming cruise rewards for claims
  • Pre-existing condition specific plan
  • Trip delay per diem reimbursement

Potential Limitations

  • Lower $100,000 medical evacuation limit
  • Select cruising areas excluded like Galapagos Cruise Protection

Best For – Comparing plans from 25+ insurers in one spot. Finding group coverage.

Through their quoting comparison tool, allows you to get personalized cruise travel insurance estimates from over 25 leading insurers all in one place. This makes it fast and simple to compare plans head-to-head.

Their Family Plan is also ideal for group cruises allowing custom group sizes from 2-10 travelers. This bundles pricing while offering individualized coverage for each member based on their personal details and trip cancellation reasons.

Beyond just core medical trip cancellation, offers nice additional coverages like shore excursion cancellation, rental vehicle damage/theft and even cruise tour operator insolvency if your cruise line goes out of business last minute.

Key Advantages

  • 25+ cruise insurance plan comparisons
  • Good for comparing group coverage
  • Extra coverage like shore trips/rental cars

Potential Limitations

  • Can feel overwhelming to compare many plans
  • Must call/chat to get group coverage pricing
  • Family plan maxes at 10 travelers

IMG GlobalTrip Elite Cruise Insurance

Best For – Customizing insurance to extended long cruises and exotic destinations.

Catering to frequent world travelers, IMG GlobalTrip plans offer robust overseas medical insurance perfect for extended cruises with exotic destinations. They offer excellent emergency travel benefits for medical issues abroad.

Best Cruise Travel Insurance Plan

You choose exact coverage needs and trip duration with flexible start dates for annual multi-trip options. Custom add-ons are available like Hazardous Activities coverage for adventure excursions along with high maximum limits for key areas.

IMG also guarantees renewability of policies which provides assurance of continuing coverage for cruisers who retain eligibility requirements like becoming a permanent resident away from home country.

Key Advantages

  • Ideal for exotic cruising destinations
  • Guaranteed future renewability
  • Flexible long trip duration options

Potential Limitations

  • Less cancellation/interruption reasons
  • Requires calling for premium quotes
  • No coverage for cruises to Cuba*

* Due to U.S. regulations

What Key Things Does Cruise Insurance Cover?

To help compare cruise travel medical policy coverage, here are some of the core benefits and key terms to understand:

Trip Cancellation – Provides reimbursement for your prepaid cruise, flights, hotels, excursions etc if you must cancel due to a covered reason like illness, death in family or named hurricane impacting your route. There is always a list of covered/excluded reasons outlined. Reimbursement is typically based on total trip cost.

Trip Interruption – Kicks in to help pay for transport home and unused parts of trip if something forces you to cut your cruise short once begun. Similar reasons as cancellation apply. Pays unused non-refundable portions.

Travel Medical Expenses – Offsets costs from doctor visits, hospital bills and prescriptions that arise for health issues while traveling internationally. Includes ambulance costs. Pays costs exceeding your normal health insurance. Typical limit is $50,000 per person.

Emergency Medical Evacuation – Arranges and covers transportation via air ambulance and medical care enroute if deemed medically necessary to transport you home or to better medical facilities offshore. Generally has higher limits like $500,000.

Baggage Loss/Damage – If checked bags are lost, damaged or stolen during covered transit periods (like airport-port transfers), this helps reimburse for necessities and personal belongings. Typically limits around $2,500 per person.

Travel Delay – Provides reimbursement for additional costs related to travel delays like hotels, meals and transport. Often requires delays of 6-12+ hours before eligible.

24/7 Emergency Travel Assistance – Services offering real-time help with medical provider referrals, emergency situations, medical evacuations and logistical issues when traveling internationally. Can be invaluable service while on cruises.

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Some plans offer additional benefits like rental car damage, shore excursion cancellation coverage and more. Understand these supplemental benefits before deciding.

What’s Typically Not Covered by Cruise Insurance?

While cruise medical plans provide strong protection nets for many issues that can arise before or during trips, some items are universally excluded from coverage across providers. Common exclusions to be aware of include:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions – Unless waiver purchased or specified otherwise, these conditions aren’t covered if complications arise overseas. Always disclose full history.
  • Extreme sports / dangerous activities – Policies usually exclude risky adventures like skydiving, off-track skiing, mountain climbing etc unless you specifically add adventure sports riders.
  • Self-inflicted complications – Issues stemming from illegal activities or drug/alcohol over-consumption are not included.
  • Travel against government advisories – Heading to destinations under active ‘Do Not Travel’ warnings would void coverage.
  • COVID-19 related cancellations – As the pandemic continues evolving, most insurers still view this as a foreseen issue excluded from cancellation claims unless specific COVID protectors purchased.

Carefully read all coverage terms, claims procedures, exclusions and policy documents when purchasing so no major surprises happen later if an issue arises overseas.

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