The Best Travel Insurance for Europe: Comparison of Policies, Coverage and Companies

Travel insurance for Europe
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Planning a trip to Europe can be thrilling yet nerve-wracking at the same time. While looking forward to the cuisine, history and natural scenery the continent has to offer, potential health issues, travel delays and lost luggage can quickly dampen your enthusiasm.

The good news is travel insurance can give you the peace of mind that your European vacation will be stress-free no matter what surprises are in store. By covering medical emergencies, trip interruptions, lost baggage and more, travel insurance protects the time and money you invest in your trip.

But with so many providers promising total protection, how do you choose the best Travel insurance for Europe for your trip to Europe? This comprehensive guide makes it easy to compare plans and find the ideal policy for your budget and needs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing European Travel Insurance

Before selecting a travel insurance provider for your Europe trip, keep the following key factors in mind:

Types of coverage: Make sure the policy includes all the protections you need – medical/dental care, emergency medical evacuation, trip cancellation, interruption and delays, baggage loss and delays. See the coverage comparison chart below for details.

Policy limits: Check if the coverage amounts suit your trip budget and length – medical expenses limits, trip cancellation/interruption limits, baggage loss limits, etc. Higher limits offer superior financial protection but come with higher premiums.

Extra services: Consider policy perks like 24/7 global travel and medical assistance, concierge services to help rearrange travel plans, passport/document replacement assistance, etc. These provide greater peace of mind and convenience.

pre-existing medical conditions: Find out if pre-existing health conditions are covered, since many Europe travel insurance plans exclude them. This is important for travelers with chronic medical issues.

Cost/budget: While more coverage is better, make sure the premiums fit within your Europe trip budget. Use online quotes and comparison tools to find the best value within your budget.

Reimbursement ease: Understand the insurer’s claims process and which expenses are reimbursed directly to providers vs requiring out-of-pocket payment by you first. Direct payment is more convenient when overseas.

Reviews: Check third-party review sites and expert publications to confirm quality of coverage and service. This helps avoid situations where claims are rejected over fine-print exemptions.

By keeping these key considerations in mind as you evaluate options, you can zero in on the Europe travel coverage that perfectly matches your trip plans and budget.

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Comparison of the Best Travel Insurance Companies for Europe Trips

Top Europe Travel Insurance Providers

Based on independent ratings and reviews, factors such as reputation, coverage quality, affordability and claims service, below are the top recommended insurance providers for Europe vacations:

CompanyKey Features
World NomadsFlexible coverage sans age limits, excellent for extended Europe trips beyond 30 days. Claims reimbursed quickly.
TravelexWide range of policy options for Europe vacations, strong reputation for claims servicing and 24/7 assistance.
AllianzUpgrade option to higher medical coverage limits ($50,000+) needed for Europe. Handles claims directly without waiting periods.
Generali Global AssistanceAffordable policies for trip cancellation, interruption. Direct payment for overseas medical claims up to policy limit.
Seven CornersGood option for Europe cruises and tours. Covers pre-existing medical conditions when criteria met.
Trawick InternationalLow-cost Europe trip medical coverage from 5 to 90 days. Up to $100,000 emergency medical transport.
Azimuth Risk SolutionsSpecializes in customized group Europe trip policies with high medical limits, tailored trip cancellation/interruption.
StudyInsuredLow-cost coverage optimized for Europe study abroad trips, including Adventure Sports option.
InsureMyTripComparison tool to easily quotes from top Europe providers. Helpful trip insurance guides.

While there are several other reputable providers worth considering for Europe vacations, the companies above consistently come out ahead for value, coverage quality and service.

Comparison of Key Europe Travel Insurance Coverage Features

To help you compare available policy options side by side, here is an overview showing what common protections are featured with a standard Europe trip insurance plan from each featured provider: coverage-comparison

ProviderMedicalCancellationDelayBaggage LossAssistance
Seven Corners$50K

Some items to notice from the comparison:

  • Medical expense limits range widely from $50,000 to $200,000 for standard plans, although limits up to $2 million can be purchased for added premiums with some insurers like Azimuth. Their customized policies are tailored very specifically to each travelers trip details and requirements.
  • Emergency medical evacuation coverage to transport you home after an illness/injury is consistently high at $300,000 to $500,000. Luxury medical transport typically costs upwards of $100,000.
  • Trip cancellation and interruption is featured in all the Europe policies compared above to reimburse prepaid, non-refundable trip expenses.
  • The 24/7 travel/medical assistance services provide a vital lifeline for help while travelling in Europe.

So while the basic protections are similar across most standard Europe trip insurance policies, there can be considerable variation in the specific amounts and limits covered. Carefully checking these details is important to ensure the coverage aligns closely with your Europe trip budget and plans.

Europe Travel Insurance Policy Details

Travel insurance for Europe
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Below you will find an overview of important policy details that provide more insight into the scope of protection provided by each recommended insurance provider policy-details

Insurance ProviderKey Policy Details
WorldNomads– Covers overseas medical costs up to $100,000 and emergency evacuation up to $500,000
– Trip cancellation up to total trip cost due to covered incidents
– Baggage loss reimbursed up to $3,000 per person
Travelex– $50,000 medical expense & dental expense limit
– 150+ covered reasons to cancel or interrupt trips & up to $100,000 trip cost per person reimbursement
– Offers Epidemic/Pandemic Protection upgrade add-on
Allianz– Up to 100% trip cancellation reimbursement when optically purchased within 15 days of initial trip deposit
– Primary medical coverage pays first before any other applicable health insurance
– Fully customizable with different deductible and benefit upgrade options
Generali Global Assistance– Direct payment of medical bills abroad eliminates cash outlay burden
– Broad cancellation/interruption coverage for injury, sickness, death, layoff, international travel advisories
– Up to $100,000 medical expense & evacuation limit
Seven Corners– Pre-existing conditions exclusion waiver available when conditions are stable 90 days before trip
– Per-day benefit allowances for reasonable meals/lodging costs for travel delay and baggage delay inconveniences
– Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) upgrade returns up to 75% of trip costs
Trawick International– Coverage includes hazardous sports like bungee jumping, rafting, surfing
– No waiting period associated with pre-existing condition stable for set duration before trip
– $100,000 limit for emergency medical evacuations
Azimuth Risk Solutions– Groups of 5+ travelers eligible for quotes and policies customized to trip details
– Specific policy upgrades available e.g. Cancel for Any Reason, rental car damage coverage, adventure sports
– Available worldwide including Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Americas
StudyInsured– Study abroad medical coverage from 5 days to 1 year with COVID included
– Adventure Sports Rider covers activities like BMX biking, rugby,Whitewater rafting
– Designed specifically for students and faculty

Some of the range of additional services and features provided beyond the basics listed in the earlier comparison chart become more evident when reviewing this additional detail.

Key takeaways include:

  • Trip cancellation is typically covered for a wide array of causes like jury duty, employee layoffs and mandated job relocation, not only medical incidents.
  • Premium medical transport through emergency evacuation is covered up to $500,000 standard and beyond through certain upgraded plans.
  • Direct payment of overseas medical bills and 24/7 travel assistance are vital services when in Europe.

Cost of Travel Insurance for Europe

The cost of travel insurance for Europe can vary greatly depending on:

  • Length of your trip
  • Age of travelers being covered
  • Total prepaid, non-refundable trip cost
  • Policy levels selected

For example, here are estimated costs for 15 day Europe trip insurance plans covering $3,000 in prepaid trip expenses for 30 year old travelers:

  • World Nomads: $187
  • Travelex: $93
  • Allianz: $71 plus any upgrades
  • Generali: $60
  • Seven Corners: $68
  • StudyInsured: $23.95

As you can see, trip insurance for Europe can range from about $60 to $200 for an economically priced policy.

The level of coverage and provider service quality accounts for much of the premium differences:

  • Budget basic medical/evacuation polices start under $100.
  • More comprehensive coverage with higher limits, extensive trip interruption/cancellation and high-end services typically falls between $100 and $300.
  • Customized and luxury group coverage can reach beyond $500 if elevating key medical, evacuation and cancellation coverages substantially higher.

It comes down to finding the optimal balance of price and protection suited to your Europe trip. We always recommend getting quotes from at least 3 of the reputable providers above to compare and find the best value. Most offer online quoting from their websites without obligation.

How to File Europe Travel Insurance Claims

The specifics of how to file a Europe travel insurance claim after an unforeseen trip issue varies somewhat by provider, but the general process is relatively straightforward:

  1. Immediately report incident: Contact provider travel assistance team for initial incident report and coordination help for emergencies, evacuations, etc.
  2. Collect documentation: Gather documents confirming incident (medical records, police reports, receipts, etc) as well as proof of trip payments and expenses incurred.
  3. File claim paperwork: Submit completed claims forms along with documentation through provider online portal, email or regular mail according to instructions.
  4. Get status updates: Follow up with provider claims department via phone or online for updates and to provide any additional requested details for your case.
  5. Receive claim settlement: Once claim review is complete and additional information needs addressed, the final settlement payment is issued according to policy terms and limits. Reimbursements up to limits are made for covered costs/losses with appropriate documentation.

Most reputable insurers like WorldNomads, Travelex and Allianz have teams dedicated specifically to assisting travelers in Europe and globally with claims to make it as smooth of a process as possible. But the more responsive you are in reporting events and submitting paperwork/evidence promptly, the quicker settlements can typically be made.

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FAQs about Europe Travel Insurance

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions consumers have when searching for the right European travel insurance policy:

What’s the difference between travel insurance and health insurance for Europe vacations?
While health insurance may offer limited emergency medical protections, travel insurance is much more comprehensive covering trip cancellation, delays, interruptions, lost baggage, emergency medical evacuation, 24/7 global travel assistance services and more. Always consider getting specialized travel coverage rather than relying solely on health insurance for Europe vacations.

Is travel insurance worth the cost for Europe?
Considering Europe’s generally higher medical costs, transportation delays, risk of terrorism and petty crime in some places, travel insurance is strongly recommended to mitigate financial risks. Just a single overnight hospital visit can run thousands of dollars out of pocket without comprehensive travel insurance. The right policy can easily pay for itself if any covered incidents occur on your trip.

When should I purchase trip insurance for Europe?
It’s highly recommended you purchase travel insurance for Europe within 1-2 weeks of paying your initial trip deposit to maximize cancellation/interruption protections. Pre-existing medical condition coverage requires buying policies even earlier in certain cases. Never wait until the last days before your trip, as many key protections will already be excluded by that point.

What’s the best European travel insurance for cruises?
For European cruises, cruise line sponsored plans like Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Line plans can be good value since they know their ships best. But third party providers like Travelex, Tin Leg and Seven Corners also offer strong cruise focused protections. Compare options to see which provides better value.

What diseases/illnesses does travel insurance for Europe not cover?
Most travel insurance plans for Europe have a pre-existing medical conditions exclusion denying claims related to health issues you already had prior to the policy purchase date. Rules differ regarding stability periods and waiver criteria for some pre-existing conditions. So read plans carefully, especially if you have chronic medical problems requiring ongoing treatment.

The Bottom Line

A Europe trip represents a major investment of both time and money, so making sure you have comprehensive travel insurance in place is strongly advised. Paying a relatively small amount for protections against financial loss, emergency transport home, lost baggage, and medical care overseas provides tremendous peace of mind.

Hopefully this overview gives you a very detailed picture of the best travel insurance options for Europe from top rated providers. I highly recommended comparing quotes from several insurers listed here to make sure you find the right plan fitting your specific trip budget and coverage needs.

Most reputable travel insurers provide very thorough information online explaining all policy details and exclusions clearly in their contracts. Don’t hesitate to contact company reps as well with any questions not fully addressed by their website content.

Safe travels in Europe! May your trip be full of lasting memories making the travel insurance you purchased the best “non-investment” you ever made.

Advertorial: This post contains sponsored content, advertisements, or affiliate links. Read our full advertorial disclosure here.

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