Top 10 Logistics Companies and Services in Singapore

Top 10 Logistics Companies and Services in Singapore
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The logistics industry is a key pillar of Singapore’s economy, serving as a major regional hub for global trade and supply chain operations. Choosing the right logistics partner is crucial for businesses looking to move goods efficiently in and out of Singapore.

This article provides an updated 2024 overview of the Top 10 Logistics Companies and Services in Singapore, outlining their key solutions, strengths and track record in supporting local and multinational organisations.

How We Ranked the Top Logistics Companies in Singapore

We evaluated over 50 major logistics firms operating in Singapore and benchmarked them across these key criteria:

  • Breadth of services – Scope of supply chain solutions offered including warehousing, transportation, freight forwarding, ecommerce fulfilment and value-added services.
  • Industry experience – Proven track record in managing logistics for specific industries such as retail, healthcare, automotive and technology.
  • Global network – Extensive worldwide logistics infrastructure and partnerships for consistent delivery to international markets.
  • Technology innovation – Use of cutting-edge proprietary platforms, automation and data analytics to enable agile, resilient and sustainable logistics.
  • Cost competitiveness – Ability to deliver optimal service levels and reliability at affordable pricing for small, mid-sized and large enterprises in Singapore.

Based on the above methodology, these 10 logistics service providers in Singapore stand out from the competition when evaluated holistically across the key criteria.

Top 10 Logistics Companies and Services in Singapore

Logistics CompanyKey ServicesCore Industries ServedGlobal Presence
DB SchenkerAir & ocean freight, contract logistics, land transportAutomotive, healthcare, industrial140 countries
DHLExpress delivery, freight, warehouse solutionsFMCG, retail, technologyOver 220 countries
Kerry LogisticsContract logistics, freight forwardingAutomotive, ecommerce, electronics59 countries
Nippon ExpressAir/sea freight, customs clearance, inland haulageAutomotive, semiconductors, F&BOver 40 countries
PanalpinaAir/ocean freight, integrated logisticsEnergy, healthcare, manufacturingOver 70 countries
MicronetLast mile delivery servicesRetail & ecommerceSingapore only
Yusen LogisticsFreight forwarding, fulfilmentTechnology, automotive, industrialOver 50 countries
SF ExpressExpress shipping & deliveryRetail & ecommerceMainland China focus
J&T ExpressBudget courier deliveryEcommerce6 Southeast Asian countries
LalamoveOn-demand deliverySMEs & ecommerceMainland China focus

Next, we provide an overview of each logistics company’s solutions, key industries served, track record and global presence that secured their ranking among Singapore’s top logistics providers.

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1. DB Schenker

Top 10 Logistics Companies and Services in Singapore
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DB Schenker is a global supply chain management and logistics giant serving over 140 countries worldwide. Their extensive suite of integrated logistics solutions includes:

  • Air & Ocean Freight – Time-assured global FCL (full container load) and LCL (less than container load) cargo shipments.
  • Contract Logistics – End-to-end warehouse management encompassing storage, picking/packing and value-added services.
  • Land Transport – Interstate trucking and last mile delivery leveraging an Asia-wide vehicle fleet.

Core industries served include automotive, healthcare and industrials, handling shipments ranging from heavy cargo vehicle components to temperature-sensitive biopharmaceuticals. Case studies demonstrate capabilities transporting specialized machinery for tier 1 suppliers to wafer fabs and CAR-T therapy shipments across Southeast Asia.

With over 1,900 employees in Singapore and a global headcount exceeding 75,000, DB Schenker delivers best-in-class integrated logistics reinforced by regular technology investments in its TMS (Red App) and warehouse management systems.

DB Schenker Singapore Presence

  • 7 commercial warehouses
  • Over 50 daily trucking routes across mainland Singapore
  • Member of Supply Chain Asia logistics association

2. DHL

Top 10 Logistics Companies and Services in Singapore
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DHL maintains a top global ranking as a freight forwarder and contract logistics provider serving over 220 countries worldwide. Within Singapore, they offer:

  • Express Delivery – Time-definite air and ground express shipment of documents and parcels.
  • Air & Ocean Freight – Consolidated cargo loadings optimizing for costs, transit times and security requirements.
  • Warehouse Solutions – Modular warehousing and fulfilment centers staffed by in-house supply chain experts.

Key verticals demonstrating DHL’s Singapore supply chain competencies include FMCG, retail and technology. Examples range from optimized just-in-time store deliveries for luxury retail brands to supporting local 3PL ecommerce order fulfilment.

Globally, DHL leverages its own airline fleet, sea vessels and over 90 technology hubs to provide end-to-end supply chain transparency and responsive logistics for international customers.

DHL Singapore Presence

  • Over 5,000 employees
  • 48 facilities including gateway hubs, service centers and retail outlets
  • Member of Singapore Logistics Association (SLA)

3. Kerry Logistics

Top 10 Logistics Companies and Services in Singapore
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Kerry Logistics Network is a dominant supply chain solutions provider in Asia offering:

  • Contract Logistics – Complete outsourced logistics encompassing warehousing, inventory control, order processing and last mile delivery.
  • Freight Forwarding – Consolidating LCL and FCL shipments by air, ocean, rail and road.
  • Ecommerce Fulfilment – Omnichannel order fulfilment centred around their regional ecommerce logistics hubs.

In addition to the usual automotive and electronics customers, Kerry excels at deploying innovative cold chain logistics handling perishables for the F&B industry. Their inhouse IoT platform provides real-time visibility including monitoring food quality throughout storage in cold room warehouses prior to retail delivery.

Kerry Logistics operates the largest warehousing capacity in Hong Kong and continues expanding their integrated logistics infrastructure further in mainland China.

Kerry Logistics Singapore Presence

  • Over 500 local employees
  • 4 logistics warehouses/hubs over 200,000 sq ft
  • Member of Supply Chain Asia, Global Logistics Association

4. Nippon Express

Top 10 Logistics Companies and Services in Singapore
Credit: OntheRunPhoto/ iStock

Nippon Express is a global logistics leader from Japan offering dedicated solutions catered to the automotive, F&B and semiconductor sectors:

  • Air & Sea Freight – Scheduled FCL services connecting NA/Europe with Asia including customs clearance.
  • Inland Transportation – Cross-border intermodal logistics leveraging their railway, trucking and feeder networks.
  • Cold Chain – Specialised temperature-controlled supply chain support adhering to strict SOPs tailored per commodity type.

Nippon Express provides exclusive CXO industry seminars demonstrating thought leadership geared toward automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. Their integrated solutions showcase international multi-modal transport of automotive parts synchronised with tier suppliers’ production plans worldwide.

Other strengths include chemical logistics deploying stainless steel ISO tanks and cryogenic expertise handling liquid hydrogen shipments supporting Singapore’s green economy push.

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Nippon Express Singapore Presence

  • Over 200 local employees
  • 4 main logistics facilities/hubs
  • Member of Singapore Logistics Association (SLA)

5. Panalpina

Top 10 Logistics Companies and Services in Singapore
Credit: Bjoern Wylezich/ iStock

Panalpina offers globally-integrated air and ocean freight solutions augmented by their contract logistics capabilities:

  • Air & Ocean Freight – Consolidated less than container (LCL) and full container load (FCL) cargo.
  • Value-Added Logistics – Services encompassing customs clearance, guaranteed asset protection and inventory analytics.
  • Integrated Logistics – End-to-end supply chain management bundling transport, warehousing and distribution.

They excel at tailoring industry-specific supply chain solutions for the energy, healthcare and manufacturing sectors involving stringent compliance adherence and freezing/cooling needs.

For example, Panalpina designed an EU-compliant hybrid pharma air freight network encompassing their Frankfurt hub and Changi GDP-certified coolport for temperature-assured regional deliveries. This provides global biopharma customers a reliable cool chain bridging manufacturing and regional distribution centers.

Panalpina Singapore Presence

  • Around 180 local employees
  • 4 leased warehouses (180,000+ sq ft capacity)
  • Member of Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC)

6. Micronet

Micronet is a homegrown logistics provider focused on serving Singapore’s ecommerce sector:

  • Last Mile Delivery – Next day (DDU) and same day (DDP) delivery services.
  • Fulfilment – Merchant of record (MOR) model providing unified inventory, order and logistics management.
  • Returns Management – Convenient self-drop-off locations with instant refunds once returned goods verified.

They optimize last mile productivity by doing dual deliveries and pickups in a single trip using their proprietary mobile-first TMS routing system. Additional services facilitating omni-channel commerce includes online merchant store setup, cash on delivery (COD) collection and reconciliation.

Micronet manages last mile deliveries for over 50 Singapore ecommerce companies spanning various industries and is the de facto logistics partner for emerging online brands lacking in-house fulfilment infrastructure.

Micronet Singapore Presence

  • Over 500 local delivery fleet and personnel
  • 2 centralised fulfilment centers
  • Founding executive member of Singapore Ecommerce Association

7. Yusen Logistics

Yusen Logistics brings over 60 years of expertise providing reliable freight forwarding and specialised logistics services:

  • Air & Ocean Freight – FCL and air cargo consolidation from Asia to worldwide destinations.
  • Fulfilment – Supporting omni-channel order fulfilment and return management.
  • Automotive Logistics – Optimized inbound supply chain delivering automotive parts just-in-sequence to production lines.

Yusen Logistics operates an extensive automotive warehouse network connected to major port and intermodal terminals facilitating JIT part supply to manufacturer plants. Their solutions showcase capabilities transporting precision equipment for semiconductor front-end manufacturers in Batam all the way to delivering sensitive aerospace electronics worldwide.

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Other customer sectors served include industrial & manufacturing as well as healthcare leveraging their extensive Asia Pacific logistics infrastructure.

Yusen Singapore Presence

  • Around 160 local employees
  • 5 logistics facilities comprising over 370,000 sq ft
  • Executive member of Singapore Logistics Association (SLA)

8. SF Express

SF Express is China’s leading express delivery provider known for reliability and efficiency thanks to its wholly-owned air and ground network. Their key solutions include:

  • Express Shipping – Guaranteed time-definite delivery typically within 1 working day for major cities in China.
  • Ecommerce Delivery – Dedicated B2C delivery solutions tailored for popular ecommerce marketplaces.
  • Cold Chain Logistics – Specialised cold storage traceability and monitoring protecting perishable integrity.

SF Express manages Mainland China’s largest self-owned cold-chain logistics network spanning over 10 million square meters nationwide. This enables strict adherence to cold chain protocols for clients including Supermarket and Yonghui Supermarket delivering fresh, frozen and chilled products from warehouses all the way to end consumers.

They also provide international express delivery from China to worldwide destinations typically delivered within 1-3 days. However, SF Express’ business presence and logistics infrastructure remains focused predominantly in Mainland China.

SF Express Global Presence

  • Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia

9. J&T Express

J&T Express is a rapidly growing courier delivery provider meeting budget shipping needs for ecommerce retailers in Southeast Asia:

  • Parcel Delivery – Low-cost air or ground residential delivery typically within 72 hours of pickup.
  • Cash On Delivery – Convenient COD payment options for recipient countries including Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.
  • Integrated Technolgoy – Proprietary mobile app providing automated route optimization and real-time package tracking.

They tailor solutions specifically for micro, small and medium ecommerce enterprises lacking resources to develop extensive in-house logistics capabilities. J&T Express also partners directly with popular marketplaces Lazada, Shopee, Zalora to manage higher-tier parcel volumes more efficiently.

Launched in 2015, J&T has since expanded to provide reliable budget courier deliveries across 6 Southeast Asian countries: Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines.

J&T Express Global Presence

  • Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines

10. Lalamove

Lalamove operates on-demand delivery services meeting B2B surface transport needs tailored for SMEs. Key solutions include:

  • Cargo Van Delivery – Scalable same-day deliveries using Lalamove’s extensive driver-partner fleet and smart routing algorithms.
  • Warehouse Logistics – Optimised routes for regular warehouse transfers and inventory replenishments.
  • Managed Round Trips – Central coordination for recurring inter-branch transfers and collections.

Lalamove’s API integration works seamlessly with most inventory and POS systems while their corporate dashboard facilitates easy order scheduling and real-time tracking. Driver-partners undergo thorough qualification checks and get continuously rated to uphold Lalamove’s service standards.

Launched in 2013, Lalamove has since expanded to over 21 cities including Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong and key mainland China hubs. Their network exceeds over 700,000 delivery partners and counting.

Lalamove Global Presence

  • Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Bangkok

Comparing the Top Logistics Companies in Singapore

Logistics ProviderBest ForStrengthsLimitations
DB SchenkerIntegrated air/ocean freight, automotive logisticsExtensive global network, specialized vertical expertiseLimited small parcel delivery
DHLInternational express shipping, freight forwardingLeading global delivery network and infrastructureCan be less price competitive for bulk air/ocean freight
Kerry LogisticsContract logistics, cold chainDominant Asia Pacific warehouse network and 3PL expertiseNarrow North Asia focus
Nippon ExpressAir/ocean freight, automotive/semiconductor supply chainDeep vertical expertise, dedicated CXO industry programsLanguage barrier, focused mainly on Japanese manufacturers
PanalpinaOil/gas, healthcare logisticsSpecialized energy, biopharma cool chain capabilitiesMostly serves large enterprises
MicronetEcommerce last mile delivery and fulfillmentOptimized last mile productivity, merchant self-service dashboardLocal Singapore coverage only
Yusen LogisticsFreight forwarding, contract manufacturing logisticsExtensive Asia trade lanes experience, precision automotive expertiseCharges premium pricing
SF ExpressExpress delivery in Mainland ChinaWholly-owned infrastructure enabling strict service guaranteesLimited international presence beyond Greater China
J&T ExpressBudget courier delivery in Southeast AsiaCost efficient residential parcel deliveryNo B2B or freight services
LalamoveOn-demand surface transport & deliveryScalable crowd-sourced driver fleet, optimized smart routingResidential deliveries only within mainland China focus

How to Choose the Right Logistics Partner in Singapore?

With Singapore’s bustling economy supported by world-class infrastructure, there is no shortage of logistics providers to choose from. Here are 5 tips when selecting your best fitting logistics partner:

1. Define Operational Requirements

First, clearly determine your operational requirements when moving goods through Singapore:

  • Transportation mode – Are you shipping mainly via air or sea freight?
  • Service scope – Do you just need port-to-port transfers or require end-to-end solutions like warehousing and last mile delivery?
  • Shipment sizes – What are the usual weight/dimensions per shipment – full container loads or smaller less than container loads?
  • Delivery timeliness – How fast do your deliveries need to reach intended destinations?

2. Evaluate Region Served

Next, assess geographical coverage fitting your export/import destination markets:

  • International vs domestic focus – Are you shipping overseas or need predominantly Singapore coverage?
  • Asia vs global presence – For Asian reach, assess logistics connectivity with major trade lanes and free trade partners.
  • Industry value chain – Manufacturers should consider logistics ecosystems supporting their vertical like aerospace, biomedical science or electronics.

Shortlist providers demonstrating strongest network coverage and infrastructure matching where your goods need to flow.

3. Verify Compliance & Certifications

Especially for specialised cargo like pharmaceuticals, ensure prospective logistics partners hold key accreditations like:

  • IATA CEIV Pharma certification for reliable air freight cold chain distribution
  • MAS licensing for precious metals and gems cargo security
  • Secure Trade Partnership (STP) or Known Consignor status for enhanced cargo profiling and pre-board screening

This provides assurance they consistently adhere to strict industry regulations and compliance standards.

4. Assess Technology Maturity

As supply chains grow increasingly complex, logistics analytics and visibility provided by technology platforms become imperative. Evaluate partners offering:

  • Integrated TMS, WMS and inventory management systems
  • Data-driven insights on shipment ETAs, utilization rates and continuous process improvements
  • API integration with your internal ERP, CRM or other proprietary systems


5. Obtain Cost Transparency

A key criterion remains affordability balancing reliability and value. Things to look out for:

  • True landed costs – Obtain clear visibility into complete door-to-door expenses encompassing freight, clearance, duties and local delivery.
  • Flexibility – Can shipment modes, routes and other cost levers be periodically optimised responding to global volatility?
  • Tiered pricing – Are there tiered discounts based on shipment regularity and volumes across a pre-agreed duration?

Avoid providers displaying opacity on complete shipment cost structures. Also beware of hidden fees or arbitrary surcharges that may appear during invoicing.

6. Seek Proven Customer References

Finally, engage logistics vendors requesting referrals of existing customers operating in similar industries. Where possible, directly contact the references to gain peer insights on:

  • Actual service quality adherence versus contractual agreements
  • Responsiveness towards resolving unforeseen delays or exceptions
  • Willingness to implement customisation addressing unique requirements
  • Technology competence and data visibility provided

This final step assists deeply evaluating actual capabilities delivering operational reliability and customer intimacy expected from a strategic partner.

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FAQs on Singapore’s Logistics Landscape

What are Singapore’s advantages as a global logistics hub?
Singapore has developed state-of-the-art infrastructure, capabilities and networks to enable efficient flow of goods globally:

Strategic Location: Prime gateway location connecting Southeast Asia manufacturing with major consumer markets. Sits along major East-West maritime trade lanes.
Connectivity: Extensive air (Changi), sea (PSA) and rail (Jurong Port) infrastructure offers comprehensive global connectivity.
Technology: Logistics and supply chain sector employs advanced technologies including optimisation algorithms, blockchain traceability and Internet of Things (IoT) to enable intelligent flow of goods.
Trusted Ecosystem: Respected national brand providing assurance of efficiency, security and transparency across cargo movement, storage and handling.
Talent: Highly educated, multilingual and tech-savvy logistics talent meeting the needs of global customers.

What emerging logistics technologies are shaping Singapore’s future?
Singapore actively researches and embraces technologies to strengthen its logistics and supply chain capabilities:

  • Automation – Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and smart robots to enable high density automated warehousing. Also research into autonomous trucks for port haulage.
  • Blockchain – Distributed ledger technology to provide trusted chain of custody with transparent documentation across multi-party cargo movement.
  • Digitalisation – Online freight forwarders and logtech platforms introduce new digital channels driving greater efficiency and service innovation.
  • Sustainability – Electrification of trucks and forklifts to reduce reliance on fossil fuels across warehouse and delivery operations.

Which upcoming industry trends influence logistics in Singapore?
Several high potential sectors drive innovation in solutions catering shifting demands:

  • Ecommerce – Rising domestic and cross border ecommerce spurs demand for parcel sorting centers and last mile delivery services.
  • Regionalization – Geopolitical shifts see supply chains move from China to Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines) expanding intra-Asia trade lanes.
  • Biopharma – Expanding biopharma manufacturing base concentrates specialist cold chain and cryogenics expertise in Singapore.
  • Sustainability – Carbon efficient solutions emerge supporting Singapore’s 2050 net zero emissions target aligned with logistics players’ global ESG priorities.

With its solid infrastructure backbone and culture of embracing technology change, Singapore continues to strengthen its competitive advantage as a reliable logistics springboard to international markets.

Summary – How to Select the Best Logistics Company in Singapore

In summary, we evaluated over 50 major logistics firms in Singapore spanning freight forwarders, couriers, transport specialists and warehousing providers.

Our comparison table summarizes how the top 10 logistics companies stack up for your easy reference when selecting your best fitting Singapore logistics partner matching operational requirements.

Remember to evaluate geographical coverage, compliance, technology maturity, cost transparency and customer rapport across shortlisted vendors through thorough request for proposals.

I’m happy to provide any clarification or additional research on competitive options meeting your specific cargo transportation and trade fulfilment needs in Singapore. Feel free to request for any customised research as you continue your logistics provider selection journey.

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