How to Transfer Cargo to Your Ship in Starfield

How to Transfer Cargo to Your Ship in Starfield
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Starfield is the highly anticipated upcoming space RPG from Bethesda. One of the key gameplay features is the ability to own multiple spaceships, outfit them with various upgrades and modules, and use them for travel, combat, and hauling cargo.

If you plan to take on trading, smuggling, or hauling missions, you’ll need to understand how to transfer items from your character inventory into your ship’s cargo hold. This allows you to maximize your profits by carrying more valuable goods across solar systems.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about transferring cargo to your ship in Starfield, including:

  • How to Access and Manage Your Ship’s Inventory
  • Transferring Items from Your Character to Your Ship
  • Increasing Your Ship’s Cargo Capacity
  • Best Ships for Cargo Transport and Trading
  • Common Issues and Solutions for Transferring Cargo

How to Access and Manage Your Starfield Ship’s Inventory

Your ship’s inventory functions separately from your character’s personal inventory. Here’s how to access it:

  • Dock your ship at a station, outpost or landing pad.
  • Exit your ship – this will save its current status.
  • Access your ship’s console near the cockpit.
  • Select the “Inventory” tab.

This will bring up your ship’s full inventory management screen. Here you can:

  • View all items currently stored on your ship.
  • Transfer items to/from your personal inventory.
  • Break down bulk materials into components.
  • Craft new items using materials in storage.

You can also access basic ship inventory management via quick menu shortcuts while piloting your ship. However, the full console screen allows for easier organization and bulk transfers.

Transferring Items from Your Character to Your Starfield Ship

To move items from your personal inventory onto your ship, first ensure you have space available in the ship’s cargo hold. Then:

  • Access your ship’s inventory console as explained above
  • Select the item(s) you want to transfer in your personal inventory.
  • Choose the “Transfer” option.
  • Pick which storage area in your ship’s inventory to place the items.

You can select multiple items to batch transfer them in one go to save time. And that’s it – the items will now be stored securely aboard your ship!

Increasing Your Starfield Ship’s Cargo Capacity

The amount of items your Starfield ship can carry is limited by its baseline cargo capacity, which varies across ship types and models. You have a few options to upgrade cargo capacity:

  • Install Cargo Hold Modules: These ship mods provide additional cargo slots to increase capacity. Come in different sizes.
  • Get a Larger Ship: Each ship has fixed max cargo based on size, so upgrading to a bigger vessel increases capacity.
  • Level Up Piloting Skill: One of the pilot perks in the game increases ship inventory size.
  • Engineer Mods: Crafting mods that enhance inventory space – but take up module slots.

When purchasing and customizing a new ship in Starfield, be sure to check its baseline cargo capacity to ensure it can haul enough goods for your needs.

Best Ships for Cargo Transport and Trading

Here are some of the top recommendations for cargo hauling ships in Starfield based on intended cargo capacity:

Small Freighters

  • Croth Omen – Affordable small cargo runner good for early game.
  • Horizon M-IV – Balances cargo with defenses for riskier systems.

Medium Freighters

  • Damascus Class – Excellent reputation as a versatile freelancer ship.
  • Helios IV – Unmatched cargo for a ship this size.

Large Freighters

  • Atlas Class – Enormous capacity with luxury appointments. Ideal for valuable goods.
  • Caesar Class – Heavily armored large freighter made for dangerous cargo runs.

Ideally look for ships with baseline cargo capacity of 40+ for comfortable hauling runs. And don’t neglect defense modules to protect your investments!

Common Cargo Transfer Issues and Solutions

Here are some frequent troubles pilots run into when managing inventory aboard their ships in Starfield:

Can’t Transfer Items into Ship

  • Ensure you have available cargo space in the ship inventory. Offloading current cargo may be necessary.

Items Disappeared from Ship?

  • Check the item was not equipped, broken down, or used in crafting by accident.

Where Did My Ship Go?

  • Summon another owned ship or return to where you last docked it via the map.

How Do I Get More Cargo Space?

  • Install additional cargo modules, upgrade to a larger ship, or unlock cargo perks by leveling up.

And those are the basics of inventory management and transferring cargo aboard your ships in Starfield! Utilize large capacity haulers to maximize profits as an interstellar trader or smuggler.

Ship or Cruise Vacation in 2024: How To Choose

Are you planning a vacation getaway in 2024 and debating between a cruise or all-inclusive resort? With Covid concerns waning and travel rebounding, many families have this difficult choice for their next trip.

To simplify your decision between cruise ship and land resort, here’s an in-depth comparison on major factors – followed by key questions to consider for YOUR ideal vacation style:

Cruise Ship vs Land Resort: Key Differences

Destinations and Itineraries

  • Cruises: Visit multiple destinations and ports-of-call over a week or more, with all meals & entertainment aboard ship.
  • Resorts: Typically one destination for entire trip at an all-inclusive hotel/property with on-site dining and entertainment.

Activities and Amenities

  • Cruises: wider array of shows, casinos, pools, and specialty restaurants aboard mega-ships. Port excursions cost extra.
  • Resorts: Escape to paradise with family amenities and recreation – though usually more limited than a city-sized cruise ship.

Budget and Value

  • Cruises: Base fare covers lodging, meals, activities. But “nickel-and-diming” with extras adds up.
  • Resorts: Pay one upfront cost for unlimited gourmet dining and premium drinks. No surprises.

Crowds and Lines

  • Cruises: Thousands of passengers means potential queues and busy public areas at peak times.
  • Resorts: Typically smaller population leads to more personalization and space.

Below is a comparison table summing up the major pros and cons of each option at a glance:

Cruise ShipResort Vacation
✅ Visit multiple exotic destinations✅ Immerse in culture of one destination
✅ Plentiful dining, entertainment onboard✅ Quality over quantity for amenities
✅ Social atmosphere makes friends✅ Intimate setting to focus on relationship
❌ Risk of motion sickness at sea❌ Limited dining and activity choices
❌ Constant upsell of deals and packages❌ Transport needed for off-site excursions
❌ Tight quarters compared to land accomodations❌ Missing excitement of waking in new ports

Key Vacation Choice Factors

Beyond the major differences covered already, your ideal 2024 getaway really depends on:

Your Travel Style

  • Cruises suit travelers craving variety, luxury, and convenience
  • Resorts better match easygoing guests focused on relaxation over adventure

Group You’re Traveling With

  • Cruises excel for multigenerational family trips or social groups
  • Resorts emphasize quality time for couples, honeymooners or smaller families

Budget You Have To Spend

  • All-inclusive resorts allow easier cost planning upfront
  • Cruises offer more flexibility across price ranges

How You Want To Spend Days

  • Cruises highlight nonstop activities, entertainment, socializing
  • Resorts encourage slower pace with beach/pool time and pampering

Where You Most Want To Visit

  • Cruises open access to “bucket list” destinations like Alaska or Europe
  • Resorts provide more immersion if you have a location in mind

Recommendations for Popular 2024 Vacation Types

Here’s tailoring cruise vs resort advice based on some of the most common trips next year:

Family Reunions

  • Best Bet: Cruise
  • Why: Activities for all ages + group dining rooms suit big parties

Romantic Getaways

  • Best Bet: Resort
  • Why: Private setting emphasizes quality couple time


  • Best Bet: Could Go Either Way
  • Why: Both offer luxury, though resorts encourage more relaxation

Adventure Travel

  • Best Bet: Cruise
  • Why: Base ports provide access to exotic locales and bucket-list excursions

Cultural Immersion

  • Best Bet: Could Go Either Way
  • Why: Resorts have edge for single destination while cruises allow hitting top spots

Final 2024 Vacation Decision Factors

As a wrap-up, here are a few last points to ponder when deciding cruise vs resort for your 2024 vacation:

  • How set are you on a particular destination or geographic region? Resorts limit locale.
  • What’s most important for your party – solitude or activities to occupy time?
  • Will you want flexibility to change plans last-minute depending on circumstances?
  • Is a smoother budgeting process upfront more beneficial? Resorts have edge here.
  • How much do crowds negatively impact experience for you typically?
  • Are there any ages, health issues, or mobility factors in your group to consider?

Weighing responses to the above will provide clarity if a relaxing land resort or lively cruise ship is the winner for your 2024 vacation! The key is not getting swept up in what worked before or what friends recommend – focus on what will make the next trip specifically memorable for YOUR situation and priorities.

Bon Voyage!

No matter which style you select for your 2024 getaway – cruise ship or resort – advanced planning is key to maximizing the experience within your budget. Be sure to secure bookings early to lock in savings and first pick of rooms/suites.

Here’s wishing everyone smooth sailing for whatever dream destination you have on the horizon! Safe travels and enjoy creating lasting memories.

Advertorial: This post contains sponsored content, advertisements, or affiliate links. Read our full advertorial disclosure here.

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